Granite Depot Company Information

Granite Depot is a supplier of high quality granite materials. We have been in the natural stone industry since 1998. We are conveniently located in Jacksonville, Florida on over 80,000 square feet of property with approximately 3,500 slabs in inventory.

We currently supply to an increasing number of businesses across the United States through our popular container program.  Our material is already landed and uncrated right here in the U.S.  So any materials that the distributor or fabricator selects would be delivered to their door in 2 days; not 45 or 50.  Another benefit about the program is that you can mix and match colors from around the world in one container (ex. India, Brazil, China, Saudi Arabia, etc.), rather than just one country.  In essence, we could be considered “a container store”.

Our warehouse (slab yard) is also open to the public.  It allows for homeowners to personally hand-select their slabs, reserve that specific slab, and have us deliver it to each customer’s preferred fabricator.

Granite Depot’s expert team of purchasers travels around the globe searching for the newest and most beautiful natural stone colors available, all while simultaneously maintaining the maximum level of quality. The majority of the company’s inventory derives from quarries in which it holds exclusive rights.  Through its partnerships throughout the world, Granite Depot is also able to supply over 250 varieties of stones.

With an extensive array of colors routinely maintained in stock, along with new pieces arriving regularly, distributors, fabricators, homeowners, and designers seem to always find the stone that suits their specific needs.

Please Note:

We are very happy to assist you when browsing our inventory. Please feel free to look around. Since we are distributors/wholesalers, we are unable to discuss pricing of slabs or recommend an installer. We work with all the fabricators/installers in Northeast Florida so it would be a conflict of interest to refer you to a specific place. We will do everything we can to make this an enjoyable experience for you. Thank you for choosing us!